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The SunDance Art Licensing division provides high quality art to manufacturers worldwide. Please login or create an account to view all of our art. An art agent is a professional who represents artists and helps them secure licensing agreements and other opportunities for their artwork. Thank you soooo much again! How you define time can affect how you chose to price your license (annual renewal fee or ongoing?). Game Changing Concept Art 23 August 2022 Work in the Wild: Fotini Tikkou for Anthropologie 17 August 2022 . Browse images by keyword Pattern design licensing for fabric, wallpaper, fashion, and more. This is probably the most important thing to understand as you're learning how to license your artwork. You can also work with an agency to represent you and your art. An art agent may work with multiple artists and may specialize in a specific type of artwork or industry. Whether youre looking for staples of the industry, or the latest fad, weve got something to fit your needs. It provides all the professional and legal guidance every graphic designer needs to build their business and enhance their careers. Art is on products everywhere you look, from adorable notebooks to patterned tea towels and tote bags. We're adding lovely new art to this site just about every week, so please be sure to stop by frequently to see what's new. Art licensing is not for everyone, so if you arent ready to dive into licensing there are still ways you can proceed to start monetizing your portfolio of work. Art + Brand Licensing As a licensing agency, MHS represents artists, brands, patent, and trademark owners (licensors) looking to monetize their intellectual properties by licensing their assets to manufacturers of consumer products. The geographical locations that are covered by the agreement. Most importantly, Shawn values the creative process . as well as many companies buying and licensing images for textiles, apparel, home furnishings, toys, and . The company pays the artist a royalty for each product that features their artwork and handles the production and distribution of the products. Pro Gallery lets you enjoy full control over your gallery design, and is packed with many unique design features. Most art publishers will require exclusivity, but they will use their network to sell your work as posters, calendars, prints, puzzles and other wall dcor items. Also see these examples of statements for painters and my freelance illustration pricing guide. Your source for art licensing and wholesale wall decor prints & POD by top-selling artists. I have compiled a list of art licensing companies that are currently accepting new submissions from artists. The Art UK Shop offers thousands of high-resolution fine art images available to license and download for commercial use, on behalf of participating public collections across the UK. when reproductions are made available to the public in an art book, on t-shirts or on postcards); and. While many companies familiar with art licensing will typically already have a standard . Bradley Jackson New Art January 2023 Trains Songbirds Wolves Figurative Nostalgia Black Heritage Horses Deer Winter Christmas Native American Americana RECENTLY ADDED IMAGES She completed her Bachelor's degree Cory is an illustrator and designer who lives in East Northamptonshire and Sian Summerhayes lives and works in the Stroud area of the Cotswolds. Kerry Spurling is an illustrator and designer born in beautiful Newcastle and Born and bred in beautiful East Northamptonshire Kelsey went on to study Victoria has designed greetings cards for as long as she can remember Sarah is a greeting card designer from Northamptonshire with 11 years in-house Fez-Tive Greetings has over 12 years experience in the greetings card and Gill is a British illustrator, textile and surface pattern designer with 25 Jan was born in South Devon where she studied Illustration and Exhibition Emily Stalley is a graphic designer and illustrator who lovingly creates beautiful Justine specialised in illustration at art college and university, completing a BA Isla grew up in a small town on the West Coast of Alison studied graphic design and illustration in London in the 80's, followed Amanda is a designer and illustrator based in the lovely city of Sarah Pitt is an illustrator and designer living near the sea in Carla originally studied graphics at the West Surrey college of Art and Charlotte Hardy is a painter and illustrator working at Clockwork Studios in We are always Looking for new Creatives to join the Team. The Guild also says that licensing artwork can take weeks, months, even years, to work out. The only limit is your imagination, and there are many ways to monetize your art beyond licensing. For nearly 30 years weve been making our customers jobs easier by being a full-service art and design partner. In order to proceed further with this action, you'll need to login, or create an account. It is very important that each party has the same expectations of the arrangement you are making. Of his current licensing partners, many have maintained product lines using Greg's art for over 15 years. It is important for both the artist and the company to carefully review and understand the terms of the contract before signing it to ensure that it is fair and aligns with their needs and expectations. Whether expanding existing product lines or launching new ones, Giordano continually succeeds in building licensing programs through his commitment to fast response and communications, quick turnarounds, and working hand-in-hand with manufacturers to help streamline the entire process. If the artist does not earn the $1,000 in royalties, the licensee takes a loss. Art licensing companies typically take a percentage of the sale price of products that feature the licensed artwork as their fee for using the artwork. Art licensing is a great way to take your art and turn it into profit! Its important to understand what each agent is offering, as services vary enormously. Attorney Fees: If you do find yourself in a legal dispute, this determines who will pay the legal fees. Many companies that license art have a. We are passionate about protecting art and creativity and work diligently to protect our artists' and our company's intellectual property. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. A women-owned agency representing a dynamic group of artists, designers and animators. SURTEX is the premier surface design and art licensing marketplace-where designers, retailers, and manufacturers source original art to create the next best-selling products. David Kiehm New! Our images are now available to buy as quality prints for your home or office! I would love to continue with your art for my blog!, A Lifestyle Blog for Dogs + Their People+. All artwork on this website is copyright protected and may not be copied or exchanged without permission from DSW Licensing. She is a prolific painter, loves her morning coffee, and enjoys a daily swim or yoga class. I will be adding more agencies to the list here. Joan Beiriger has a great post on finding manufacturers that license art here. NINEART is specialized in creating authentic textile print designs and art collections, which can be transferred to fabric, clothing, and home dcor. Her artistic career includes creating and producing top-selling home decor products as well as gift, wall art and tabletop. If you need something quickly, you should look for something that might be easy to secure. We've been doing this for 16 years now and our approach seems to work. The new owner may resell the image, alter or create derivative images, license the image and transfer . You can then list these items in your online store or on social media, and the company will print and send them to your customer if they sell. Make a Collection. 860.217.0595 FacebookPinterestLinkedinInstagram Home About Us About Our Artists Alan Giana - Scenic Landscape Prints Ann Jasperson - Botanical Art Prints Brandon Downing As a 4-year member of our management team, Shawn will preserve Wild Apples creative, human culture. This could be a specific period of time, such as one year, or it could be an open-ended license that lasts indefinitely until terminated by either party. When contacting companies, make sure you follow their individual submission guidelines carefully. Variety in the type of designs: Patterns, hero sized images, individual art pieces. By submitting your work to companies that align with your style and interests, you are more likely to find a good fit and be successful in the art licensing industry. You do not have to return the advance unless you breach the agreement. However, remember the basics and you wont go too far wrong. There are no geographic boundaries to licensing. PLEASE NOTE: Fabric purchased from Spoonflower does not require licensing and may be used/sold on . This list is regularly updated to ensure the most current opportunities are available. If youre looking to upgrade your product line with fresh and dynamic art that sells,look to us for a licensing partnership that we strive to make exceptional. T-shirts and other clothing. Continuing to use the site is taken as acceptance. Get started below! This not only protects you and your intellectual property, but it is also what gives the licensee a commercial opportunity and therefore a reason to pay you. These companies are always looking for new artists to add to their roster and may be interested in seeing your portfolio. Some artists may earn a few hundred dollars per year from art licensing, while others may earn several thousand or more. Most of our creative team have been with us for many years and we are approached by up to 50 potential illustrators and artists every month. For the sites that have a fixed royalty rate, the typical rate paid out to artists is 10%. Finally - We don't hold your high res files - so every new deal will be explained to you and requires your consent before we ask you to send a usable high res file and proceed. Its our business to know whats trending. Most companies will be looking for artwork that fits their particular niche really well and is up to date with the latest trends. A company might look at tens of thousands of potential images per year, so yours needs to stand out and communicate the information they are looking for. In addition, some companies may be interested in artwork that has a specific theme or style that aligns with their brand identity. OUR ARTISTS & DESIGNERS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO COMMISSION. You will need to have a LinkedIn account to join. An artist who chooses to license their art may not sell any originals at all, but simply license the images for use on commercial products. T.S.B. She makes you want to settle down with a cup of tea and chat [], BY SUE SCHLABACH ArtistSilviaVassileva grew up in Bulgaria and has spent her adulthood in Japan and California. If you are going to start putting your work out there for commercial use, you want to ensure that you will reap the benefits of that use. Art licensing is a lucrative revenue stream for many artists, and it leaves you free to do what you do best, create artworks. Hi there! Art licensing is a way of making money wherein, as licensing expert Tara Reed puts it, you "rent" your artwork to companies to put on their products. Here are a few suggestions for finding art licensing companies to work with: Your art licensing portfolio should include a variety of artworks that demonstrate your art style and range. Yellowhouse works with artists and illustrators whose work is suitable for the greeting card, stationery, gifts, home-wares, and wall art markets. If you are licensing an artwork to multiple different licensees at the same time, you would need a non-exclusive license agreement. Giving you access to the top-selling designs and patterns for home decor products. It's important for artists to research the needs and preferences of potential art licensing partners to increase their chances of success. You have done your research and know about art licensing and the company you're pitching. MGL is one of the world's leading art licensing companies. I would be very interested in hear the pros and cons of licensing. There's a simple little form to help you with that! There is nothing stopping you from reaching out and making your own licensing deals with companies. Integrity and professionalism are our way of doing business in . Artist and art business consultant Laura C. George wrote on The Artwork Archive and suggests that . Inspired by creativity, art, fashion, and the latest looks in home decor,our collections of art are designed to sell at retail. Plum Licensing represents artists from around the globe and focuses exclusively on work that is tailored towards the greetings cards, stationery, apparel and interiors markets. Anna Goodson Illustration represents exceptionally diverse, conceptual, and avant-garde artists from around the world. b. Typically this could be 30-50% of gross licensing royalties, but may also require you to pay other associated costs and fees. Art licensing is certainly not for everyone and not something you should depend on as the only cash flow in your business (especially in the beginning). You may be a good fit if you an artist creating fresh artwork with a decorative appeal, focusing on current design and home decor trends. Bold and bright, Viva Magenta is witty, rebellious and attention seeking. SunDance Graphics is a fine art publisher and art licensor committed to providing unique, trend-conscious art for the home dcor industry at sensible prices. Oskar Illustration is a U.K. based agency working with artists from around the world. Check out brand new additions from our talented roster of artists. Do you have a pitch prepared to present your artwork to buyers in a clear and professional way? That was some of the best advice I have come across in terms of art licensing. . When an artist licenses their work to a company, the company pays the artist a royalty for each product that features their artwork. The artwork files are always of great quality, and easy to receive with an FTP. 1. Tiphaine TIPHAINE is a Paris-based illustration agency. Wild Apple5. You can do this in lots of different ways. If you wish to submit a presentation this can be done as follows: Email initially 10-20 low res jpgs 72 dpi (150-350k for each image) Zip and name file with your full name. She is a former Vice President for Business Network International (BNI), a former Board Member for the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce and a current member of the Metro Hartford Alliance. First things first, take the time to figure out what . Simply browse our collections or use the easy navigation menus and search area above to zero in on specific content. The specific products your artwork will be used on. Cold calling random companies and aggressive sales pitches are only going to alienate potential licensees. Time: Some licenses carry an expiration date or clearly defined time period at which the license ends or can be renewed. Rosiland Solomon Melinda Copper Val Stokes Joy Waldman Pendergast About Us Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing is an international art licensing agency that represents some of the finest commercial and fine artists in the licensing field today. For example, a company that specializes in children's products may be interested in artwork with a whimsical or playful theme. We provide trend-forward images, collections, patterns & designs for manufacturers in the home, wall decor, gift and stationery industries. Zooming in on all of what nature has to offer, with elements of elegance and man-made objects of surprising beauty. Bits and Pieces will introduce Neal's new image "Famous Artist's Loft" this spring and Linda Picken was once again licensed by the notable company Zippo, who will be introducing some of her images in 2022. how to build your website in 8 easy steps here. A Fresh Bunch works with artists from around the world and caters to clients in the apparel, textiles, home, stationery, office, gift and tableware sectors. They also have a smaller sister agency called La Suite that represents French and international Artists. If you are interested in pursuing art licensing as a career, I recommend submitting your portfolio to these companies. They also have a smaller sister agency called. Whilst there are no set rules on how to do licensing, but, there are things you can do to give yourself the best chance for success. You can choose to work directly with a company to license your artwork. Thank you for subscribing! Common artwork licensing term definitions. Art licensing is a great way for artists to generate a passive income stream from their art.

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