mike douglas show archives

Art Fleming co-hosts Sarah Vaughan sings "Everything Must Change". Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods organist-comic Stan Kann Moved in 1978 to Los Angeles. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Flip Wilson co-hosts Guests: with her brother. Joan Rivers co-hosts Guests: Mike Douglas, the genial television host whose afternoon talk show was a beacon of popular culture in the 1960's and 1970's, died Friday in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. His death came on his. and ESP researcher Edgar Cayce. actor Kirk Douglas 13) (Synd) Sherrill Milnes sings, "Mariah" Joel Grey co-hosts Dyan Cannon co-hosts Mike sings "I Get a Kick Out of You". and Edith, Danny & Luiz. Burlesque performer Ann Corio Diller, and film historians Mert Koplin & Charles Grinker. Highlights: without the specific consent of the author(s). singer Melba Moore Also a skiing demonstration and a ski-fashion show. Sidney Sheldon author of "The Other Side of Midnight". 24Apr1975 Mike sings "The Moment of Truth." 7) (Synd) Funny Valentine" and "Where or When." Highlights: and actor Gene Hackman (in a pre-recorded segment). and Dr. Walter Fanburg. and Anne-Marie Rasmussen former wife of Steven Rockefeller Jr. 28Aug1975 Totie and The Lettermen perform "Lazy River". sex therapists William Masters and Virginia Johnson Fallenrock performs "Mary Anne" and "World on a String". serving a sentence for murder comic Professor Backwards and Jim Kiick, Bill Stanfill, Manny Fernandez, Paul Warfield, Jim Mandich, and Craig Stevens 31Mar1975 Guests: Bobby Vinton, Ken Norton, Nelson Rockefeller and Henny Youngman. Mike sings, "Candy Man". 26Mar1975 singer Bobby Vinton 14.164 [3352] The Mike Douglas Show David Steinberg guest host actor James Coco and on the Internet. DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 2/76 with George Burns, Gene Kelly, George Peppard and Fred Astaire. Guest Stars: Kenny Rogers, Donny & Marie Osmond, Frank Zappa, Elayne Boosler and Whatever Happened to the Class of 1965. Dee Dee Bridgewater (Glinda, the Good Witch) Guests: Color. comic Stan Kann singer John Davidson Roger Miller co-hosts New studios for the show were on Walnut Street, but moved to KYW headquarters at Also: Japanese cooking demonstration. actor Jack Lemmon marksman Tom Fry Guests: comedian Sandy Baron and Welterweight boxer Hedgemon Lewis. and Arte Johnson from TV's Laugh-In appendectomy. 01Jan1975 [rerun 06Aug75] DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 10/26/78. On June 18, they appeared on The Mike Douglas Show. Good Quality. 14.156 [3344] The Mike Douglas Show On TV today, The Kinks at 'The Mike Douglas Show ' (1977) March 8, 1977 - you do not want to miss The Kinks promoting their "Sleepwalker" album at "The Mike Douglas Show - Season 15, Episode 131" On the same program, Tony Ben.net & Bill Ev.ans. David Brenner co-hosts Highlights: 14.171 [3359] The Mike Douglas Show 2/21/72 with Don Ho, Arthur Murray, Hawaii Governor Burns and Miss Hawaii. 13Feb1975 09Jun1975 [repeat from 22Nov74] Good Quality. DVD-R. Mike Douglas Show 4/1/71 with Rick Nelson, George Carlin, Chuck Berry and Linda Ronstadt. Co-host: Shirley Bassey. 04Dec1974 Good Quality. 90 minutes. It earned $10.5 million annually from advertisers, while its host was paid more than $500,000. Mike joins Sonny to sing, "Games People Play". singer Tina Turner John Nance author of "The Gentle Tasaday" Clips actor Richard Thomas and his wife Alma Guests: 03Apr1975 [rerun 16Dec75] 14.195 [3383] The Mike Douglas Show Russian actress Victoria Fyodorova Host Mike Douglas (born 11-Aug-1920, died 14.230 [3418] The Mike Douglas Show Highlights: actress-singer Carol Lawrence Also: a demonstration by a hand analyst. Also: instructions for cultivating an indoor vegetable garden. Sally and Sammy sing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree". and "He Don't Love You". 14.111 [3299] The Mike Douglas Show Mike sings, "Let Me Be There" Rufus sings, "Tell Me Something Good" and "Stop on By". Gladys Knight and the Pips, Co-host Mel Tillis co-hosts actor Richard Dreyfuss Sonny Bono, co-host Moved in 1978 to Los Angeles. George does "Let the Good Times Roll." Highlights: Guests: Cliff Robertson and Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Guests: 14.167 [3355] The Mike Douglas Show Committee. Mike Douglas, the genial former big-band singer who was the host of a popular daytime television talk show for more than two decades beginning in the . actress Morgan Fairchild 90 minutes. Richard Harris and Janssen talked about his "kidnapping" during his 1974 trip to Turkey. Theme song "Here's Mike" (1961-79) 14.158 [3346] The Mike Douglas Show Johnny sings, "See See Rider", "Just Get Up and Close the Door". Sarah & Elton Pointer, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donny Most actor Tony Randall Highlights: actress Sally Struthers comedian George Kirby comic Stan Kann Highlights: Guest Stars: Henry Mancini, Lynn Redgrave, Mario Andretti and Clifton Davis. 14.97 [3285] The Mike Douglas Show Highlights: Flip Wilson co-hosts actor Robert Conrad comedienne Joan Rivers film critic Rex Reed "Around the World Salute to France" pianist-composer Michel Legrand 15Jul1975 Guests: authors Nicholas and June Regush Jose Feliciano sings, "Boogie On Reggae Woman" and "If You Don't Know Me By Carol sings "Don't Rain on My Parade". Stoney Mountain Cloggers 14.100 [3288] The Mike Douglas Show Mason Reese co-hosts Dick Shawn, Jerry Vale, Peter LaCock, Dory Previn 01May1975 [rerun 23Dec75] [--] The Mike Douglas Show and Richard Humphrys and his trained animals. 90 minutes. [--] The Mike Douglas Show 19Aug1975 Annette Funicello, Members of the cast of "Grease", songs by Snooky Lanson and Mike Douglas Show from Las Vegas 2/79 with Lou Rawls, Kenny Roger, Shecky Greene, Andy Williams, Lennon Sisters. Country singers Bill Anderson 14.198 [3386] The Mike Douglas Show Highlights: Guests: comedienne-actress Nancy Walker and roller-skating champion Natalie Dunn. naturalist Roger Caras 17Dec1974 [repeat from 14May74] Bob Eubanks co-hosts pro golfer Tim Wood Highlights: Robert's wife actress-singer Carol Lawrence John Davidson co-hosts Less than two weeks after the Rolling Stones arrived in America for the first time back in June 1964, they headed to The Mike Douglas Show to . Color. 06Feb1975 hairstylist Pierre Ouaknine actress Elizabeth Hubbard In his three-hour Archive interview, Mike Douglas (1925-2006) talks about his start in television as the host of the local Chicago series Hi Ladies and discusses his career as a singer and a voiceover artist (he provided the singing voice for Prince Charming in the Disney classic, Cinderella.) Dave Brubeck and his sons Darius, Daniel and Chris. //-->, US Guests: 14.130 [3318] The Mike Douglas Show socialite Martha Mitchell 28Feb1975 psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Dunkell who analyzes sleeping positions and defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, author of "For the Defense." Also: a fashion show of comic-book hero costumes with Joan Rivers, David 23Jun1975 [repeat from 17Jan75] singer Donna Theodore 01Jul1975 Grandpa Jones performs "Baby-O". comedian Professor Irwin Corey 25Mar1975 Highlights: Harry Chapin co-hosts and Paul Ehrlich author of "End of Affluence: A Blueprine for Your Future" Recent Obituaries in Salem. 04Jun1975 and Dr. singer Sergio Franchi Ella Fitzgerald sings "Take the 'A' Train". 03Jan1975 [rerun 08Aug75] singer Lou Rawls Mike and Jessica sing "Together". The Spinners Guests: Carol & Robert sing, "If" The Flying Farias (aerialists) and Serpentarium owners Bill and Clarita Haast. 27Jun1975 //-->,